To be of curves from the butt to the breasts and thighs and also all over sexual assets of the body
some women who are plus size are describe as curvey and its true not women with a big butt big breasts they are what you call average size curves.

"Chime you are full figured with curves all over but your cousin is slim big butt nice brests with average size curves but you both are beautiful"
by Chime April 29, 2008
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Having an hour glass figure.. Ass shaped like a heart and/or the tits of a Greek Goddess..
LittleGirlLexy, Sargasm, MetalBaby, Lucid, Thesan=Curvey
by teppuP livE June 09, 2010
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While someone else is driving, you and your partner have sex in the back seat, the driver is going around curvey roads. You ride that rollercoaster out!
Sex in a car going through back roads. Feels like riding a curvey rollercoaster, BUT BETTER
by Bonnie&Clyde2142 December 21, 2010
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The sexual act of using body fluid(feces, semen, blood, or urine) to stick tight to your partner like glue, during doggy style sex. Stuck tight to their body like a pair of pants.
Me and my girlfriend did a curvey trouser last night. It took the shower to separate our bodies.
by JeromeB March 02, 2018
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often described with ones eyebrow that is oddly shaped and out of place. most times the other brow is looking its best. don't mess with these brows cause they can kick.
ainsleys eyebrow is cute and curvey but we like it that way!
by theothecat13 February 09, 2021
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