On Apr 10-Jul 2, 2019, I was watching One Punch Man Season 2 when I found something strange. In case you didn’t know, many people from that show were eating demon cells to turn into a monstrous, powerful creature. That when I noticed a key detail. The Demon Cell. This looked exactly like something that would cause a huge change in the world a few months later. Covid. I can confidently tell you that the creator of this show knew about this when he first started planning this. He wanted to try to warn the people watching the show but the message couldn’t go through, causing what is happening today.
“It is up to I, to solve the legendary One Punch Man Demon Cell/Covid Anime Theory”-Random Anime Lover
“Nice”-Michael Rosen
by SasorSauce December 16, 2022
a term that was coined by the mapper "7v" for the rhythm game "osu!", referring to how well individual objects on the playfield connect with each other. in a nutshell each object on the playfield will have its own "flow". flow theory basically delves into how the "flow" of these objects can be used in tandem with other elements such as visuals to better represent the music.
You: "Hey, how do I make a good osu! map?"
osu! mapper: "You need flow theory."
by flow theory August 24, 2021
Theory that states in cases where a woman has small breasts, this is compensated for by her having a nice ass. This theory does not necessarily work in reverse.
"Ah, her tits are too small!"
"Yeah, but check out her ass."
"Hmm. Theory of compensation, eh."
by Snake May 12, 2005
The idea on Wall Street that the socially acceptable length of women's skirts will reveal the state of the stock market.
Low skirts at the ankles mean the country is swaying towards a conservative, bear market. (1930s)
High skirts above the knee mean the country is in a free spirited and aggressvie bull market. (1980s)
by JayBee March 20, 2005
80/2 = 60. Ng's Theory is a very important mathematical theory developed by D&T teacher Mr Gordon Ng at La Salle Chollege in Hong Kong. He said during a lesson that 80 divided by 2 is 60, and said that again in another lesson. The students of Class 2G even wrote over 30 "proofs" of the theory.
A: What is 80/2?
B: 40?
A: No, it's 60, according to the great Ng's Theory.
by Hong Kong independence November 4, 2019
The phenomenon that causes females to be inexplicably attracted to a random male, like moths to a flame. The art of seduction, commonly referred to as "The Duncan theory'', can have a tremendous effect on the victim.

Also known as "The Duncan Theorem"
The inexplicable phenomenon that causes females to be drawn to a single male (The Duncan) in droves.

The strength at which females are attracted is equal to the grade of symmetry of his face multiplied by the pitch of his voice, and reversed to his age divided by the concentration of his natural pheromones.
I lost my gf due to some guy named Duncan. I swear he just looked at her and she instantaneously became overwhelmingly wet... Hashtag The Duncan Theory

That new Duncan kid looked at me today, I felt a strong magnetic force pulling me closer to him, as my knickers got wet, he spoke "Hey Jenny" ... I swear to god I almost exploded #TheDuncanTheory
by Dawie's Suicidal Unicorn August 4, 2014
Physics propose the existence of a medium.
Even with the particles retarding the motion of the aether theories, the same will be true if, to counterbalance the increased inertia, suitable forces are caused to act on the aether at all points where the inertia is altered.
by kaosmoker September 30, 2018