The scientific explanation that explains how every building block in this universe is a beaver. This phenomenon is called the the beaver theory.

Another famous theory is that every living organism a beaver is but we don't know because our brain blocks it.
Prof: make sure you learn beaver theory by tomorrow!
Student: Ok beaver!!!!!
by Eliasisnotgay October 11, 2020
Basically, the Z theory explains how modern-day 'Badmen' speak. If, when typing, the letter 'Z' is added to the end of the last word in a sentence, it automatically gives it that 'badman' sheen.
Man: Goodmorning, I are going shops for some bread and milk.
Woman: How illiterate.


Badman: Goodmorning, I are going shops for some bread and milkz.
Woman: Normally I would think that illiterate, but due to the use of the Z theory, I realise this chap is a badman.
by POKEMENZ January 23, 2011
The theory that states there's a 8 out of ten chance that the driver of a vw jetta is a hot female
I got up to the light to find a smokin hot chick driving. Proving the jetta theory.
by Red Rockafella December 12, 2013
An aspect of a story (typically seen in video games) that is vague and seems mysterious, eluding to a grand payoff when in reality it lacks substance and is purely there to bait the community into making theories and wild speculations therefore creating a better narrative than the original author could have made themselves.
I wanted to make popular a video game, but don't know how to write a compelling story so I made theory bait instead and the community wrote the story for me.
by MattWatson December 22, 2019
Contrary to popular belief, when scientists use the word "theory", they are not referring to conjectures that they have pulled out of thin air and have no data to support such claims. The scientific use of the word "theory" is much different than the colloquial use.

In science, a theory refers to an integrated set of principles that explain and predict events that are observed in the natural world. Theories, in the scientific sense, summarize and explain facts, and imply testable predictions that allow for the falsification of the theory. Theory is vital to scientific endeavour, as it generates hypotheses to be tested, gives direction to research (and even suggests new areas for research), and, if the theory is good, has a high amount of explanatory power without requiring extensive modification to the theory. Theory without data is just conjecture, but data without a theoretical explanation is as good as meaningless to scientific practice.
An example of a scientific theory that is often mistaken as just a "theory" is the theory of evolution. Contrary to common misconceptions, evolutionary biology is one of the most prolific fields in science, with hundreds of thousands of peer-reviewed papers attesting to the theory's veracity, and an ever-increasing body of research.

Other examples include general relativity (yes, gravity is technically "only" a theory), special relativity, atomic theory (yes, atoms are "only" a theory too), and germ theory (the theory that small microscopic organisms are the cause of many illnesses).
by Amygdala May 5, 2011
There is the theory of the Moebius, a twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop. Loop where time becomes a. A loop where time becomes. Becomes a loop where time. Time becomes a loop where. Where time becomes a loop.
The Theory of the Moebius... When we reach that point, whatever happened will happen again.
by shukh May 7, 2007
n. A theory, created by several residents of Boozemont, which states that every time a joke is killed, the loss of a man's virginity is prolonged for another ten years.
"Don't worry, bro. As long as you're not a brown-nosing son of a bitch, you can't commence the A-Fine Theory."
by afinesux May 24, 2008