to steal, to take something that does not belong to you
May, you can't afford those shoes, you must a theived em.
by Concierge March 27, 2005
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Phrase referring to two or more people who are very tightly connected with one another.

People who trust each other completely and will often confide deep secrets in each other.
"So Bobby and Joey know each other pretty well?"
"Oh yes, since third grade, thick as theives those two."
by ACG2x December 30, 2005
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In common parlance, it has come to be used to describe any petty pseudo-anarchist criminal group, of the variety that read "The Anarchist Cookbook" and daub anti-capitalist graffiti.

Originally from the Russian "vorovskoi mir" desribing an underground philosophy which decried the existence of the state. A reaction to the authoritarian Communist regimé that dictated against recognition of the police, army, judiciary or any other manifestation of the state.
He's become mixed up with some theives' world anti-Bush group.
by Odiumjunkie February 27, 2005
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In the process of being a thief.
*reaches to steal something*

Someone: yo he theiving

No ones theiving
by Rani,therapper April 16, 2023
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Acting out of context, not acting normal cause of someone
Damn son, that man Steve be theiving, just because his female not there he acting weird
by Ashley ryes November 21, 2019
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