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Book that includes compilations of ways to make bombs, explosives, acids, and other destructive things with simple household products. Also teaches the reader how to perform frauds and other theiveries. Controversial material but allowed to be publicized but not comitted.
I learned that you could get high off banana peels thanks to the Anarchist Cookbook.

You can learn how to make shotgun shells explosive in the Anarchist Cookbook, they can blow whole fingers off!
by Beedub December 27, 2003
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A book first compiled and released during the height of Vietnam war protesting, intended to be a guidebook to civil disobedience by explaining how to create destructive substances and various techniques for undermining or just screwing with authorities. All methods described within were totally accurate at the time of publication and were reportedly researched and taken from various military books the author found in a local library.

Nowadays the term applies to any of the many print and online publications that deal with how to create malicious substances from household items. These publications are only spiritual successors, the original author of the Anarchist Cookbook claims he has since changed his views. The book only remains in print due to the underhanded dealings of the author's publisher.
Break out the old Anarchist Cookbook, we'll make some napalm.
by Jack April 02, 2004
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