The gangta version of the man. A hustler, a lover, a fighter, an artist (in a way), the best at everything he does.
The Kid is crazy! He'll beat your ass then take your bitch and her best friend.
by K - I - D24 February 7, 2006
the man who coined the phrase "stunning" the ultimate scene maker, con-man, wheeler and dealer. the Stun boy, charlie O say it aint soo.
woooooooooooooooooow what a scene, Stunning very stunning
by Anonymous August 9, 2003
Cassiun is the kid.
The kid gets bare gyal
by The sauce kid January 24, 2019
Kids For Kids is a nice place to trade your kids for.. BETTER KIDS!
Customer - "I will trade two white boys for that asian boy."
Customer 2 - "Make it 3 white boys and then we have a deal."
Thats Kids For Kids In A Nutshell
by reeetastic July 17, 2018
An all around cool guy/gal. One of those people that everybody loves, adores, cherishes. Everyone wants to hang out with a kid's kid. Do not be mistaken, we are not talking about a kids physical kid. Term discovered and created in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 2012.
Yeah, Jimmy D is such a kid's kid
by INrepresent October 7, 2011
Frick STI, condoms were invented to prevent kids.
by Anonymouse🐀 December 16, 2018
A somewhat condescending phrase used when responding to an often ridiculous, silly, or funny statement. It is used to denote to the person who said the statement and can probably be likened to saying "Tsk, tsk" or "Oh brother."

Often a person will shake their head, laugh, or point when saying it.

Tina: *Shakes her head and laughs* This kid......
by me8888888888888888 June 26, 2010