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Slang for a Toyota 4x4 pickup, which is pretty much the most badass vehicle ever invented. The Yoter is known to have several different appearances, ranging from "shiny new" to "mud covered" to "rusty". This particular vehicle will last much longer than its driver, with proper maintenance, although the body may rust significantly. The Yoter can conquer just about any off road obstacle imaginable, but has a top on-road speed of approximately "the speed of smell".

Basically, The Yoter, especially a muddy blue one, is a sexy chick magnet with 4 wheel drive.
Chick 1: "Woah! check out that truck! Its pretty much the sickest vehicle ive ever seen! mud is so sexy!"

Chick 2: OHMIGOD its The Yoter! Lets see if we can flag the driver down and give him our numbers!
by DrivinTrucks77 May 04, 2011
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