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Sexual, dirty, Mexican-invented act...helps neck pain when you eat out a girl for a long time.

Place palms of hands together, with fingers extended. Leave your pinky, pointer and thumb fingers extended and the rest folded.

Lick your pinkies for lubrication.

Stick pinkies in woman's anal cavity, you know for support.

With pointer fingers, separate the woman's pussy lips.

Rest your chin on your thimbs, and go to town.

Women love the anal stimulation and being eating out for a long period of time. Men love the neck support.
"Man, I was Chasity last night...and she wanted me to eat her out the whole night and she promised me, that she would let me bang her sister. So I used "THE SEGOVIA" and it got the job done."
by Dirty Stache February 04, 2010
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