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The Research is an indie pop band from Wakefield, England. The lead singer is Russell "the disaster" who is hilarious and never seen without his baseball cap over his wild hair. He performs using a old Casio keyboard balanced on his knee. 2 girls make up the band- a bass player and a drummer. Most songs are based around failed relationships.
Indie t-shirt: "Hip to The Research"
by charmlessman June 06, 2006
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When a girl gives you permission to enter her anally while spooning and she puts it in for you. You have to make sure its in her ass before u cum to insure you do not get her pregnant.
1. "Yo I heard you gave it to Melissa in the ass last night! You better have done the Research, That bitch stays trying to get pregnant and trap guys into a relationship with her."

2. "After I did the Research I slam fucked her brown eye!"
by El W4yneO September 20, 2009
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