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The nickname of Dan Azzolini, the man who proclaimed himself King of Wayne.
Oh Rat your hat is disgusting
by LBP December 12, 2004
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A gang/group at sowers middle school of high ranking 8th graders. Typically they migrate to other places and completely ruin whatever is happening.
In 2018 The Rats became the 8th grade leaders of their school and ruined the whole school, but they are still cool.
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by Ratty_Tatty13 March 20, 2019
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The Rat, nickname that comes the clint eastwood movies "the good, the bad, and the ugly" The Rat comes about when clint is listening to the sheriff read the offences of "the ugly" and clint drops the line "also known as the rat" and thats how it happened.

Forms of The Rat: rat, rattus, ratricus
random kid:Hey The Rat, you're a pretty crazy guy.
The Rat: ohh yaaa! because I'm a communist and I'm ok!
by Psychedelic February 24, 2005
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What you call rat that too special to be simply called a rat.
Its not any rat its the rat
by Jay The Cat October 11, 2019
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