Tommy Briles from the South Bay of Los Angeles CA. He's a snitch. He's snitched on multiple people over the years due to his meth habit and not wanting to do time away from the pipe.
by Youruncletouchedyouwhereyoupee January 23, 2019
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Another phrase used to describe snitching on someone or telling on somebody to a person of authority. Usually used on a gang setting when someone tells on his group.
Because the man ratted on his Gang members, they had evidence to convict them of the double homicide
I can't believe you ratted me out to Zoe. That is how she know that I stole her pen.
by lurkester September 09, 2013
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Term used to express dissapointment-retro style! Substitute for a more vulgar word in the presence of children and authority figures.
"I didn't get that new job. Rats!"
"Rats! We are out of wine".
by urban ruby October 29, 2007
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someone hacking into your Computer and controlling your computer, (don't download random ass links on the web)
Mikale: yo I got ratted

Morgan: oh I'm sorry how?
by PaintedUniverse June 29, 2016
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1. Small rodent frequently abused by humans
"Oh look, It's a rat."
"Eu, kick it!"
by Shuriken January 26, 2003
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Man tucking his dick and balls between his legs and bending over presenting the dick as the nose, balls as the beady eyes and ass cheeks as the ears.
by Drocker@23 December 23, 2019
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