Ratting: killing of NPCsin MMORPGsfor loot. Rats are the common first enemy in many RPGs and have become synonymous with easy kills for in-game gold or rewards. Therefore, rats are any NPC character or enemy that is to be killed simply for loot.
Lets get the group together and go ratting.. I want to see what the guys in this zone drop as a reward.

I was ratting in a new zone and a high level player jumped me.
by Daemonwell October 03, 2006
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A member of a secret society called the RecRats on the campus of Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri. The organization was banned (after almost 50 years) in 1994. The Rats are commonly associated with severe hazing and verbal abuse. The group resurfaced in 2002 and most likely still exists.
"The administration thinks Julie might be a Rat."
by Dot January 04, 2005
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1. Plural, for rat.
2. A group of small animals, rodents. Tend to dwells in the sewers. (Sewer rat).
2. An expression of discontent. See also damn or shit.
1. Pied Piper: "Damn, where'd all these rats come from?"
2. "Rats!" Johnny exclaimed, when he discovered he'd shot the wrong person.
3. After several smelly farts, and downing a package of ex-lax pills, Bobby realized that it was time to feed the rats.
by eBrian December 23, 2002
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The act of chatting to women in a feeble attempt to secure some action.

Commonly used by "lads" whenever a mate talks to a member of the opposite sex, in order to ridicule the mate as a form of banter.

A lad who is notorious for his ratting antics is known as a "Serial Rat."
Adam: "Hey Fliss"
Fliss: "Hey Adam,"
by TrueLad.com June 21, 2010
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Something that is rubbish or displeasing, or a person or object that is physically revolting.

'This party is rats'.

'That girl's hair is rats'.

'Your shirt is rats'.

by Clifton1 April 15, 2009
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the act of going on the pull, looking for for rats (women)
"Lets go ratting, it looks like there are lots of dirty rats about"
by Daveypoo August 24, 2006
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Meaning: On narcotics or illegal substances that have clouded your ability to act and function as a normal person.
The Discord Server: *Roleplaying*
Es: You guys are on Rat
by ratsarefat March 05, 2020
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