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Reason would dictate the Quadrant as a quarter of something. Well, reason is wrong. In this case it refers to the evolutionary step of the Trifecta. A club, consisting of no less than 3 biffles of legendary proportions. Indeed the quadrant's main purpose is the expanding of trifecta membership to include good ol' rimmy. The quadrant's main armament consists of 4 guys, tying their arms together in order to 'punch someone in the nipple', this 4 layered punch maximises power and makes those involved look badass...or dumbass, depending on one's perspective. Membership into the quadrant is only 4 members are allowed in at one time, there may be more, but this requires a change of name. Thus becoming the PENTAGON.
Mongo': "come on, I'll fight ya'"
QUADRANT: "fine, quadrant: assemble (thus forming arms and punching mongo in the nipple)"

Fella 1: "so I hear that the quadrant's pre epic"
Fella 2: "yeah, wish I was in there, instead of the crappy Pentagon"
Fella 1: "you think that's bad? I'm in the dodecahedron..."
Fella 2: "choice bro, choiceeee"
Fella 1: "shut up."
by Chilly_Willy_Destroyyarr October 08, 2011
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