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Quadrant is the superior meme page on Instagram if you want wholesome tiktoks and a face in a bag with dreadlocks spammed.
Joe: hello where can i get epic memes?
Debbie: @quadrant on instagram is the place to go
Joe: ok retard
by yesyesyesyesyes123 October 24, 2019

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A phrase that Sana from TWICE has said
Jeongyeon: "Chee"
Sana: "Chee"
Jeongyeon: "Seu"
Sana: "Seu"
Jeongyeon: "Kim"
Sana: "Cheese Kimbap"
by yesyesyesyesyes123 October 13, 2019

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Sorn is a vocalist in the kpop group CLC. She is fr so talented. She speaks english, korean and thai? Shes amazing. Stan Sorn and CLC.
Sorn: 애써 잠재운 나의 본성을 네가 깨워버렸어
진짜 악랄한 devil 그건 겉으론 잘 모르는 법
Me: best vocalist
by yesyesyesyesyes123 March 20, 2020

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