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Nickname applied to the author William S. Burroughs. He recieved the title as a result of his self admitted, long term use of opioid agonists, particularly heroin, a regular topic of interest for Burroughs in much of his literature. He became famous in the new york junk scene as a dope addicted icon after works such as Junkie and Naked Lunch were published in 1953 and '59. Junkie was particularly responsible for this reputation as it delved into his very real personal experiences as an opiate addict in New York, detailing everything from his first military issue syrette of morphine in 1945 through years of hustling, junk sickness,nods, legal evasion, and eventual kicking. In Naked lunch, a far more fantastical, fictional book,opiates( notably heroin, morphine, opium,and paregoric) are used by the character William Lee ,a pen name burroughs often used, and are mentioned regularly.
Burroughs' friend James Grauerhaolz: "We're thinking of the difference between alcohol and heroin. Hip people who liked to take dope... score a bag of Dr. Nova... share it with the pope of dope."

Rest well Pope Bill (the first and only)
by LowlifeDopehead August 22, 2013
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