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A sexually transmitted disease found in common prostitutes that causes you to loose the smart part of your brain go completely insane and you begin to think like a aryan opossom
Some one who has the Palk is almost impossible to be around as they become rabid with the whorish disease and turns into a beast who enjoys biting and the crys of a baby.
Sypmtoms include:hair turning blonde, OCD, consistently acting like you are high, and need to steal candly
The Palk is an uncomfortable disease cured with a lot of therapy.
also known as Yittles!
person 1-"oh man you guys i shouldnt have gone out with that skank, now i got the palk"
person 2-"you got the palk?!?!? AHH RUN!!!"

by random name=george February 26, 2009
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