A derogatory term to refer to one's own wife.
Bob: "Hey buddy, wanna go bowling tonight?"
Jim: "Sorry, I can't. I gotta spend the night with the old lady."
Bob: *makes whipped sound*
by Anonymous December 9, 2004
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a slang term for girlfriend or someone you are interested in.
My old lady comin' over to give me a rub.
by cnlballa October 7, 2003
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An old lady is slang for your gf or wife its normally someone you deeply care about mostly used in a construction or manly setting to seem more mocho or manly
My old lady and I went out for dinner last night
The old lady and I wen out all weekend and are hurting units today
by I<3kelly May 4, 2011
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An elderly lass, who by an odd occurrence swallowed a fly. Reasoning that it would be prudent to dispose of the fly as soon as possible, this old lady promptly swallowed a spider. However, she soon found that the arachnid would wriggle and tickle inside of her. Attempting to rid herself of it, the lady swallowed a bird. Presumably a smaller variety, as birds can grow to be quite large. Regardless, the fruitless adventure continued. The lady then swallowed a cat. The feral beast undoubtedly caused a great deal of discomfort on the way down, prompting the lady to take a drastic course of action. Desperate to rid herself of the newfound perplexity, she swallowed an entire cow. How in the world she managed to do this is beyond anyone's comprehension. It would appear very clear that the entirety of this problem could have been avoided if the madam had simply kept her mouth shut. Regardless, the unfortunate saga continued. The lady, obviously very near death, deemed it necessary to get rid of the cow. She swallowed a horse. The internal rupture of her organs became too great at this point, and the lady passed away in great agony.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about what happened?
Person 2: No, what happened?
Person 1: An Old Lady died, dude.
Person 2: Oh shit! How?
Person 1: She swallowed a fly
Person 2: n00b
by Oswaldthefourth October 20, 2009
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When you cheers with another member and say "to the old lady" both members are required to finish their drink
Prerson 1: "This keystone light is delicious!" *cheers* "to the old lady"
Person 2: *cheers* (internally "shit")
both members finish their beverages
by Lawn chair January 8, 2017
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Fight with my old lady, she comin at unreal, hit the blunt and now shes animated." - Brotha Lynch Hung "One Mo Pound
by FlyAway July 23, 2011
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