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A drink named after "The Motherfucking Ryan." It is named after one of the University of Oregon's finest frat brothers. He is a person who gained serious notoriety on a 2015 Christmas Princess Cruise to the Mexican Riviera not least because he looks like Justin Bieber, began drinking at 7 am, nearly devirginized a very basic white girl who left him a note for friendship, then had sex with a 35 year old feminist redhead who came on the boat on behalf of someone trying to date her. And, to top this notable list of achievements off, he was drunk nearly the entire time and had an unlimited alcohol card to buy every person on the boat drinks, which he did, frequently.

This is a drink with magic powers. Drinking this too makes you like Ryan. Use this power wisely.

The drink --

1 part Coinetreau, a french liquor to celebrate Ryan's "french heritage" (AKA The time he went to Paris and got WASTED at a rave with his "rave baby")
1 part Tequila, a mexican liquor in abundance aboard a cruise ship to Mexico
1 part lime, squeezed by Serbian crew members at 3 am, preferably.

This is like a margarita except there is no salt on the glass and the drink is like 80% alcohol. It gets you drunk very fast while the second drink tastes like water. No hangovers were ever reported drinking this.
Fuck this! I'm not drinking a margarita. This is the MFR, a drink better in every way.
by DaBearJewz April 13, 2016
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