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The Inbetweeners is a hit comedy broadcasted by those rascals at e4. One of the funniest teenage programs on television, it’s also funny viewing for adults.

The show centres on Will who reminds me of a teenage version of Mark from Peep Show. As well as being geeky and socially awkward, his best friend Simon is the classic “nice guy” stereotype and has been after the same girl Carlie for a while. Although having said that, I would give my index fingers to shag that bit of crumpet.

Will’s other friends include the dumb but good-hearted Neal and the ultimate lad Jay who has most the best lines in the show. However despite his laddish credentials, he’s a bull-shitter but that adds to his humour, what a cheeky chap.
Guy 1: Hey mate, did you check out The Inbetweeners last night?
Guy 2: Those guys get up to some right shenanigans, I creased at the bus wanker bit.

Guy 1: I know! Whatever will they get up to next week? There’s a film coming out soon.
Guy 2: No way, we gotta check that out when it comes out!
Eavesdropping Girl: Oh I love Simon, he’s so cute!
Guys 1 and 2: *cringes*
by VoiceofReason21 September 09, 2010
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