British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Also known as the award Martin Freeman won.
Person 1 "I don't think that guy playing Bilbo is a very good actor."

Sherlockian "**** you he won a bafta!"
by Olivethebreloom January 24, 2012
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An award under the British Academy of Film and Television. Highly notable. Martin Freeman is especially fond of his for the role of John Watson in the show Sherlock.
by WolfieKiwi January 21, 2012
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A Bulgarian term for chance or luck.
Ebati baftata si chestno - "You are so lucky.... "
by Nikola Nikolov August 11, 2009
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1. A term used in place of "cut," on the set of the television sit-com "Spaced" to indicate that a take was absolutely perfect and that it was deserving of a BAFTA (British Association of Film and Televison Actors) award.

2. If someone is being an absolute drama llama and or is clearly lying about how much they care about a subject one might reply, "and the BAFTA goes to"

similar to saying, "and the academy award for best bullshit performance."
Edgar Wright: "And the BAFTA goes to..."

2.)"And then *sob* he told me if I ever *sniff* told anyone that he'd cut of my *waah!* head!"

"And the BAFTA goes to..."

by Chuck Chuck Razool September 21, 2008
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