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The Hulk Smash is an epic sexual maneuver. When a man is having sex (or getting head, but it works much better when having sex, as it's easier to conceal the green paint), he stops, pulls out, and dips his dick in a can of green paint. He then goes over to the head of the bed and bellows, "HULK SMASH" while cock-slapping the girl, from left to right, across her face. He then yells, "HULK SMASH" a second time, cock-smacking her on the backswing. He then yells, "HULK SMASH" a third and final time, knocking the lamp off of the night table. He gets five bonus points for breaking her jaw, and wins if he breaks her neck.

Note: There is an optional beginning to the Hulk Smash, where when the man gets his erection, he may say, "Bruce Banner's getting angry!!!". However, this beginning is only recommended for experienced Hulk Smashers.
Norm was undefeated because no one ever survived his Hulk Smashes.
Norm was undefeated because no one ever survived the hulk smash he dealt out.
by The_Prophet March 17, 2007
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