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1. A common utterance attributed to the Marvel Comics shapechanger Bruce Banner a.k.a. the Incredible Hulk. Generally(see: always) heard when Banner is angered and has transformed into the aforementioned destructive green giant.
2. A rousing ejaculation emitted before summarily destroying everything and everyone in sight.
1. Rabbits make Hulk angry. HULK SMASH!!!
2. Capt McKeifus, upon recieving a pizza laden with anchovies:"I hate anchovies!!!"
Mr Furam:"Chill out dude pick em off!"
Capt McKeifus:"HULK SMASH!!! *destroys the pizzeria, or orders a new pizza*
by mckeifus April 21, 2007
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The Hulk Smash is an epic sexual maneuver. When a man is having sex (or getting head, but it works much better when having sex, as it's easier to conceal the green paint), he stops, pulls out, and dips his dick in a can of green paint. He then goes over to the head of the bed and bellows, "HULK SMASH" while cock-slapping the girl, from left to right, across her face. He then yells, "HULK SMASH" a second time, cock-smacking her on the backswing. He then yells, "HULK SMASH" a third and final time, knocking the lamp off of the night table. He gets five bonus points for breaking her jaw, and wins if he breaks her neck.

Note: There is an optional beginning to the Hulk Smash, where when the man gets his erection, he may say, "Bruce Banner's getting angry!!!". However, this beginning is only recommended for experienced Hulk Smashers.
Norm was undefeated because no one ever survived his Hulk Smashes.
Norm was undefeated because no one ever survived the hulk smash he dealt out.
by Guns of Belgium March 20, 2007
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When one (a man) has not been able to lay his salty foundations upon a lady for a lengthy period of time thus making his sack very large, resembling one green angry monster, the Hulk. When he eventually manages to release the beast upon a lady he smashes her all over the place, thus like the Hulk, hence the phrase 'Hulk Smash!!!'
Hulk Smash!!! = Releasing the beast within

Phil- 'How did it go last night?
Daz- ' Mate its been so long I just went wild and Hulk Smashed her all over the place'
Phil- 'Good lad!!!'
by Phil Ireland July 28, 2008
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When a man ejaculates onto his fist and punches a Man/Woman in the face
I was with this girl last night and she kept screaming during sex so i Hulk Smashed her and she quieted down.
by A Happy Tragedy November 09, 2011
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A sexual act in which the man ejaculates onto his fist, and after doing so punches the sexual partner in the face and yells repeditally " HULK SMASH GRRRRRR"
"Oh god it hurt when johnny Hulk smashed me"
by Franman... May 16, 2011
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To smash the table with a fist while playing beer pong knocking over several cups, usually the persons own cups.
Guy 1: Did you see Bryan hulk smash the table last night? He knocked over 5 of his own cups.
Guy 2: Yeah I did, that doesn't seem like a good strategy.
by Beerpong_101 May 03, 2011
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