The Gretch: A very hot girl, usually with a fine ass, thinks her shit don't stink, innocent looking then turns freak when she gets between the sheets, AND with utter certainty, is known to frequently spread STD's far and wide. Also swallows every time.
Shit, stay away from that ho, she's got a nasty case of The Gretch!!

She's got a fine ass and I really want to fuck her, but everybody knows that ho's always got The Gretch.
by bigsass June 28, 2011
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To forcefully grab something with an ungodly amount of strength
Hey let me gretch that for you
by Arcxus January 18, 2021
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Having a quality that is either good or bad but is decidedly gretch. A Placement holder word. Don’t know what to say? Say it’s gretch.
Did you see the mailman’s new haircut? It’s giving…gretch.
by SallySupporter March 3, 2022
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to violently sneak.

To go or move in a quiet, stealthy way while having some sort of a violent, destructive motive.
That fucking oven door gretched up on my hand!

Hey man, stop gretching up on me!

So, I was playing paintball and had a sweet sniping spot. Then out of no where Chris gretched up on me.
by LxBxC June 15, 2007
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1. (n) A person who neglects to speak constructively.
2. (v) To speak with destructive intent.
Asking "why" exhibits Gretch-like behavior.
by Burma's cat, Yac{k}s January 23, 2018
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Gretch - A mouldy, unclean and/or rotten vagina.
"Damn, man, that girl last night had the worst gretch I'd ever seen!"
by Nacho Man Sandy Ravage September 8, 2014
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Girl: See her! That’s Gretchen! I call her Gretch.
by Imjusthereastranger June 11, 2018
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