(n.,v.) When a man and a woman are having sex doggy-style and the guy goes to stick it in her butt and she turns around and makes the "Flipper" dolphin sound (eh eh eh eh!)
So I totally tried to put it in her butt real quick and she did the Flipper.
by Flipper Master April 28, 2008
Your partner is on their knees next to the pool. Your partner calls your name and splashes the water. You swim up on your back with an exposed, erect penis. Your partner pats your belly and says "good boy!" You click and squeal with delight. Your partner Jerks you off to completion, upon completion you splash your feet like a tail fluke and you swim off chirping and clicking like a dolphin.
My girlfriend and I were on vacation in Europe and we had the pool to ourselves so we did "the flipper"
by Alkaline Calendula March 19, 2016
John Kerry, because of his inability to maintain a consistent voting pattern on legislation, the times he does manage to make the session and actually vote.
This November, we're gonna win one for The Gipper, and they're gonna lose one for The Flipper.
by Heywood Jablowmie October 7, 2004
Person who buys limited edtion items at normal price, knowing they will sell out, then immediately turns around and sells them.

Also a person who will get items autographed just to sell them for cash later.

ESPECIALLY: Urban Vinyl toys.

A popular place to sell items is eBay, also know as "the Bay" by KidRobot online forum users.

The act of this is called a flip.
"its signed to gene (me) but you or i can marker it up to make it look unreadable or like something else if you want." - Bay Flipper Gene, in his awesome ebay auction in which he attempts to flip an Acid Dunny that is personalized to him.

Man I heard she a flipper!
You mean she's a ho?
Nah I mean she buys cool toys just to sell em!
What a ho!
No kiddin!
by circuspunk February 3, 2006
A Female who was sex with 2 or more guys in the same setting.
"Lil Larry & 'nem finna bring a flipper through, we all finna hit."
by Deondre Duncan October 17, 2003
To make a girl recreate the noises of Flipper, the great dolphin, who has starred in many films and tv series. Can be also known as: flippering and flipper.
I totally just flippered her last night.
I am too busy flippering right now; I'll turn in the report tomorrow.
by Dr Lollipop July 5, 2008