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a manually administered sexual adventure involving a hotdog bun wrapped snugly about the phallus. The Coney Island can be an accoutrement of autoerotic activity or the impassioned ballet of lovers twain. Much like the staple of the American foodscape, the member may be ensconced in sauer kraut, celery salt, basel, loganberries, etc.
Receiver of The Coney Island: "Yo bitch, how's bout we forget the condoms and mints and go straight to the condomints. I'm ready to get my Coney Island on." (Aforementioned 'bitch' then wraps his engorged penis with a hotdog bun, covers it in relish, and gets bizzzay.) "Baby, it may not be a foot-long, but it's 100% Kosher beef...oh yeah, you got it.'s a juicy one, don't squirt your eye, baby. . .goddamn that's enriched wheat. .ahhh. .ahhh. ahhhhhhh. . .SHAZAAAAAAAAAAM."
by TheHumanTunneler June 06, 2006
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