A weapon that has been used to give pain among the heroes of this world that helps learn discipline and value upon the arse that is smacked
HARDER DADDY oh give the values of life with the belt
by thereapermage July 1, 2018
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A great force only to be used by parents.
Billy's Mom: Why did I find PornHub on your search history?

Billy: M-mom-

by xx.Heidi.xx May 3, 2021
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A competition between male roommates (use of an actual title belt is encouraged) in which the winner is the first to sleep with two women at the same time while still in accordance with the following rules:
1. The aggragate age of all participants must be under 83
2. The aggragate weight of all participants must be under 400 lbs.
3. Are you paying these women? ...be honest.
4. Use of tequilla and the "mortality angle" are allowed.
"Dude, I can't figure out which one is the third wheel."
"Oh, my God...It's a tricycle!"
"It's time, I have been chosen...I'm going for The Belt."
by Timmer8 January 29, 2008
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The weapon wielded by a miniboss called "Dad" in the game called "Outside". It has a 100% drop rate unless damaged too far in combat. It is usually worn as a trophy around players waists, as it makes a poor weapon in combat with equal level players.
Player 1: Dude how do you get the belt?
Player 2: You need to beat the miniboss dad without taking too many hits.
by Gral75fb December 21, 2020
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After achieving something great, the in-your-face gesture of putting on a championship belt, derived from Aaron Rodgers famous celebration.
Bill: I just aced that test. When I walked out, I gave the class the belt.

After that massive dump, I gave the toilet the belt.
by bsizzlepro February 11, 2011
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Rule 5 for above, if any of the participants is in a relationship, he/she must have the permission of his/her partner.
My buddy got two girls at once, but he doesn't get the belt because he was cheating on his girlfriend to do it. We're still in the running!
by num1dgen February 2, 2009
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n. An object placed around the waist to award pure awesomeness in one's line of work.

v. An action done after running in a Touchdown, again, to show pure awesomeness. ie. Aaron Rodgers
After getting an A on his math test, John stood up in class and performed the belt. He served the subsequent detention quite awesomely.
by dabearssuck February 11, 2011
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