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1) A resteraunt in Spartanburg, SC. The resteraunt is mostly famous for it's (very) sweet beacon iced tea. They also have a lot of greasy food there. Even their salads are greasy. They also have good ice cream there. They are also famous for employee JC Strobel, whose famous catchphrase "CALL IT!" which he yells out when it is someone's turn to order. Instead of ordering a "deluxe" plate, they call it an "a-plenty."

2) A really good resteraunt in Spartanburg, SC. Enough said.
"I got a chili cheese a-plenty at the beacon."

Mom "I think they put way too much sugar in their tea at the beacon"
Me "Nonsense. I love it."

Out of towner "Who's that guy who keeps yelling 'Call it?'"
Me "That's JC Strobel, he's an essential cornerstone of the beacon."
by Shredding Freakenstein99 February 08, 2012
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