The ratio between girls and boys in an event; such as a party. The best ratio to have is 1:1. However, if the balance is going to become unbalanced then the ratio must have more girls than boys.
Dude, the party last night was awesome because we each had our own girl. The balance was perfect!!!!
by Wildcard! November 26, 2010
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Its a new word to discribe a really attractive woman, hot chick. On a scale of 10: a balance is a shorty that is an 8/10. Not completely a dime, but still really hot.
Tim: Ayo, bro did u see dat girl.
Alex: Word, dat shorty is my balance for the night.
by shot caller May 24, 2007
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To be the better half for someone else and vise versa.
Oz and red balance each other. They may have their downsides but they are good for one another.
by S.Wonderland April 5, 2015
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The ability to remain on ones feet.
Game balance:
Ex, Diablo 2 is not balanced. It is very, very unbalanced.
The Vanguard can one shot infantry and do massive damage, and the Magrider can shoot directly.

The Vanguard can run troops over at 30kph. The Magrider needs two runs to do it at 60kph. This is "balance"
by Whatside? August 28, 2004
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Any card in Legends of Runeterra that has "Frostbite" in its description.
But Kiyo, frostbite is absolutely balanced, it only reduces the chosen units attack to zero! That is not even OP! Also, they are all burst spells so they are so interactive!
by blizzardsucks February 4, 2020
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A sarcastic way to define the MOBA Smite as unbalanced.
"Dude I just got one shotted by Kali this game is so balanced"
by Chebory October 20, 2016
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drinking more to get rid of a hangover; keep your balance
This Lendo fool who got shot for being drunk decided to drink more to be balance and not feel it.
by zombieorganT April 4, 2011
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