Kiyo is the nicest and funniest person you’ll ever meet. They’re a great and cool person to talk to. They’re literally so much fun talking to! They’re great listeners :D they might come off as “distant” or “mean” at first but once you know them, they’ll be a whole lot nicer and they’ll talk to you more :D
Person 1: Who is that?
Person 2: That’s Kiyo!

Person 1: woah!
by Dice <3 May 25, 2021
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A person who is short af and always does their homework last second since they play video games 24/7 (And sleeps for the maximum of 2 hours).
Dude, why were you a Kiyo yesterday?
by Wordsyouwilllove October 4, 2020
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They’re a great person and they’re really nice! They’re the most perfect in this whole world <33 they’re the nicest and coolest! Consider yourself lucky if they really like you and they talk to you :) they’re great listeners and they’re really fun to talk to! They’re perfect human beings and they’re really important :D they’re really fun to be around if you get to know them! They might be shy/awkward at first, but once they get to trust you, they’ll be the sweetest and most fun person you’ll ever be around! They’re the most perfect <33
Person 1: Is that Kiyo?
Person 2: YES IS IT!!
by Dice <3 May 25, 2021
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n. anyone who is nice and deserves a cake.
aw, i love kiyo, except for when it's raining.
by ajlk June 3, 2007
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n. a person who is easily frightened and makes everybody around them aware that they are scared. Sometimes referred to as a snoot-blanker for their ability to wet the bed even while not in it.
That kiyo wouldn't even watch Pirates of the Caribbean because of the ghosts!
by good ol' jc March 26, 2007
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a swag editor who cant spell and probably failed 1st grade (but they deny it). they are's (mars) least favorite child. they also carry the whole discord server and everyone likes them for some reason🤨 /j
person 1: @chat revive this server is boring where is kiyo
by SEGGSY MARS June 27, 2021
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