When you put your penis in the wrong hole in a ladys body (or a man).
'Jade is now blind, due to Marcus puting his penis in the wrong hole'
by bumflufflegend August 16, 2011
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When a guy is doing girl doggy style and,accidentally or on purpose,sticks it in her ass and she yells "WRONG HOLE!!!"
This girl at work was telling of how her hubby wrong holed her last night.
by wolfbait51 April 13, 2011
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Accidental anal penetration that occurs during doggie style sex and the conscious continuation of this act against the will of the recipient, that whose hole has been wronged.
"If you don't make me fucking pancakes tonight, I will fuckin' wrong-hole you until the rooster cockadoodledooos"
by 11H June 1, 2007
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a poor ol' fella who put it in the wrong hole hole while attempting to finger his girlfriend for the first time.
hey look its wrong hole
you got the wrong hole

wrong way
by ringerdinger6000 July 7, 2011
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This phrase is shouted by a female when a male, who hasn't had sex for a very very long time and is really stressed and clumsy at that moment, thrusts hard but he misses by a mere inch into another forbidden zone called "Exit; NOT an Entrance!" and ruins her day and sometimes his relationship.
Male : "aaaaah, wait,........, almost there I guess. Ummmmm,......, let me, ......, wait where was it???? Where's my...? Oh ok. I don't know where it's......, OK NOW!!!!!"
Female shouting : " OUCH!!!! WRONG HOLE FOOL! YOU $%#@€TARD!!!! F#$#@#!!! $#!T it hurts!! It's bleeding you son of a B!@$#!!!! Get the F$#@ out of my apartment!!!! NOW!!!!!!"
by KAnimals August 7, 2014
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