What Jennifer and Mel (the first two people two write a definition for this word) are afflicted with. Idiocity is what causes them to be idiotic. (Actually it's a pretty useless "word", and seems to be an overcomplicated substitute for idiocy, but whatever.)
Mel: Here is an example of 'idiocity' in which idiocity is an adjective - "Jake has a severe chance of inheriting his mother's idiocity."
Me: You idiot, that would make it a noun, for it to be an adjective, it would have to read, "Jake's mother is idiocity.", which doesn't make any sense. Man you have a severe case of idiocity.

Jennifer: Hi, I can't find the 'D' key on my keyboard, so I'll just type a 'C' anywhere there is a 'D'...
Me: I have never witnessed such idiocity.
by e.ogas May 7, 2007
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noun, something idiotic that is common and can be group behavior.
I am late because of the contagious traffic idiocity.
by Beginner Bonzo December 12, 2009
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A certain Southern governor is proposing his state secede from the United States. Although it is tempting to see this state leave the Union, this governor's proposal is pure idiocity!
by Polz Power April 19, 2009
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Jake has a severe chance of inheriting his mother's idiocity.
by Mel July 18, 2003
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1. noun. -- A collective population of idiots; who share so much in common among themselves be it the specific notion or behaviors that it's undeniable they are working as a single unit.

Ex. The internet group "Politics 123" is undeniably an idiocity.

2. Adjective. -- The specific notions or behaviors commonly displayed within an idiocity.

Ex. Thinking uggs are cute with yoga pants is the idiocity of the incomming freshman class, they're clueless.
The whole class of 1993 turned out to be an idiocity and I'm ashamed to have been a part of it.
by BakMei8874 December 10, 2016
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stupid, ignorant similair to iciocy
Mary has a bad case of iciocity
by Jennifer July 18, 2003
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He/She got a degree out of a lucky bag or a Christmas cracker and has a certificate to prove it

"He/She's been Idiocated"
by B0redtodeath January 17, 2004
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