When you stop seeing someone and cut off all communication and then reappear after some time and act like nothing happened.
Guy: Hey what's up
Girl: Fuck you John it's been 8 months. You think I'm in to submarining?
by Hey I'm walking here October 27, 2017
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From the depths of the Abyss we rise, silent and unseen. We live our lives in silence and darkness, bringing death to those that oppose the American Way. The Army may march, the Air Force will soar, and the Marines will crawl, but a Submariner is a force of nature that is unseen and unheard until it is too late. From beneith the waves we bring death from above and below. We rip the stars from the heavens to rain destruction around the world. Hidden by wave and shadow, escorted by the Leviathan, Posiedon himself bows to us. Fear us, for we are the unknown, the unknowable. We are Death.
Seaman Shmuckatelli, qualified Submarines.
*Ding Ding, Ding Ding*
(Later, on shore)
Women: Oh my god, he's got dolphins! I want him so bad, he's a submariner!
by Fleming September 18, 2006
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Submarining is gay slang for going down on a sailor, especially USN.
Claude got on his knees in the alley to go submarining on a CPO.
by I, Wreckerrr January 29, 2016
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Steely eyed stern jawed salt encrusted killers from the deep, prowling seas in their sleek black messanger of death
Royal Navy Submariners eat their young, oh yeah, watch out skimmers...
by lajopi 292 August 9, 2007
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Anyone less than a United States Marine usually a Seamen, Sailor, or Navy personnel.
She wanted to hookup with a real man in the bar, but there was nothing but soldiers and submarines.
by PJudt December 11, 2009
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When you pack as many people as possible into a mini van, with enough weed as you can get and all start smoking at once. the ratio of people to smoking paraphernalia should 2:1, but more joints, bowls, bongs, and hookahs never hurts. The point of the submarine is not to be moving but to find a safe spot and fish bowl it so bad that you take a hit just by taking a breath and make it hard to see in from the out side from all the smoke.

Side note: Always remember to bring food and drinks in the van before you start smoking
the smoke was so thick when we went submarineing last weekend, that you literally couldn't see your hand one foot in front of your face
by Slayer87 June 15, 2011
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To be attacked by surprise. To be set up. Ambushed.
My coworker submarined my today! We sat down for an hour to discuss how to solve the problem and came up with a solution. Then, when we met with the boss and he didn't seem all that wild about "my" solution, my coworked simply nodded his head in agreement with the boss's comments and stared at me blankely as though he didn't know what I was talking about.
by rustyspring October 1, 2007
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