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When you are doing something at work that is not work-related that requires your full attention, such as playing a video game, and a co-worker suddenly pops in forcing you to make it look as if you are busy and hide your game (such as with alt-tab). After the co-worker leaves, you typically return to your video game to find your character dead.
Joe: Hey man what are you doing? Are you gonna help us capture the flag?
Bob: Sorry I got coworked! Had to alt-tab!
by falo030 September 27, 2006
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When your standing around doing nuthin and your manager/supervisor catches you.Gives you a lecture on how important it is to stay busy even if all your work is covered and adds his/her dumb ass quote "If there's time to lean,there's time to clean."
Johnny worked at your local fast food spot.Johnny was throwing ketchep on the drive thru floor to watch them explode as the cars ran them over.Johnny threw 2 pakets out the window before the next car rolled up.In the car was his manager on break.End result Johnny in the drive thru picking up ketchup packets.
a.k.a jonhhy got coworked
by jumbliah October 04, 2006
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