When doing a girl from behind, spunk on the back of her neck and use your hand to smear the cum from her neck to her ass cheeks
I hope you like the silverback gorillas, because I'm about to silverback that ass up
by Sir Glenwood Fatballs April 5, 2017
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Place the female into the missionary position. Then while standing on the balls of your feet and bending the knees; place both fists firmly above the females shoulders. You will respectively be in a Gorilla Like position. Next thrust erratically into the females vaginal area. Now, right become reaching climax you must stand straight up over the female. While ejaculating over the defenseless female one must pound both fists on his chest while roaring.
Once I bring that chick home I'm gonna be silverbacking her all night long.
by SchweatyNuts January 28, 2011
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A term used to describe the larger "buck" or bigger undomesticated black male. Usually a parolee because his larger size from regular meals and lifting weights.
While on patrol in South Central: "Did you see the size of that silverback holding the 40?"
by Mike Sarno October 16, 2003
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This term is derived from the actual description of an older male gorilla. A Silverback in the slang sense is an older man who hits on or dates much younger women; he is the male version of a "Cougar".
A group of Silverbacks, drunk after their buddy's 50th birthday party, adjusted their toupées and entered the college bar to try to pick up girls.
by Free Range Messiah July 15, 2010
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When a person angrily masturbates in the woods holding onto a small tree.
Dude, don't go where that tree is shaking. Someone's clearly silverbacking.
by raffiki234 April 26, 2015
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Ejaculating on the small of a woman's back after intercourse, it should be doggy style, then taking a hand full of silver glitter and throw it on her back so it sticks to the semen, thus creating a silverback.
what are you doing today?
i have to go to the store and get some more silver glitter so i can silverback mary jane tonight.
by A-stotle March 22, 2009
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To “go silverback”: to fly into an intense and sudden rage which might involve contortions of the face, grimaces, a roar of anger and raised fists. After attacking and at least attempting to land a few punches, the rage recedes and the person often goes in a subdued and slightly embarrassed silence.
When he found out I’d slept with his girlfriend, Andy went silverback on my ass.

All I said was that I thought her sister was cute and she went totally silverback
by DrunkenChris February 5, 2007
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