when a female lays on a couch or bed in the spread eagle position with her butt slightly in the air so that the male may mount her in a gargoyle position so that the bottom of their thighs are touching. He may the begin to penetrate downward almost like a scorpion.
Guy 1: Hey, did you have fun with Lisa?

Guy 2: Yeah man, we did the scorpion right there on my futon!
by Shane O'c January 26, 2011
To sit facing the toilet and take a dookie on the bottom of your feet then when this is done the person leans forward with the assistance of there hands to gain momentum and fling the hot load into the toilet over their head.
i didnt know there were so many ways to poo! Today i tried The scorpion and it was amazing!All these pooping positons just spice things up!
by Blow it out your A$$ May 7, 2011
The best and most badass Mortal Kombat character there ever was and ever will be! Real name: Hanzo Hasashi, Grandmaster of the Shirai Ryu klan.

Amazing backstory and super cool gameplay! He was a wraith, which is an undead warrior, who served Quan Chi. He wanted revenge on Sub-Zero of the Lin Kuei because Scorpion thought that he killed his klan and family. He eventually did kill him and then later in the timeline after he became human again found out Quan Chi killed his family and klan. He got revenge by killing him and still remains one of the best video game characters ever !
Wow, Scorpion from Mortal Kombat is so fun to play as and his story is awesome!
to face plant so bad that your legs bend and your feet hit the back of your head. you look like a scorpio for a moment
..running down hill, david scorpioned
by Thenoshitsherlockholmes March 27, 2018
The Scorpion is a devious act that involves sneaking up behind an unsuspecting victim. You will then place your arm under the crotch region and lift! Due to shock, the victim will then jump into the air resembling a scorpions tale. This is most commonly performed at all-boys schools.
I just gave dunham the best scorpion!
Man i love giving scorpions (no homo).
by Brother Kostka January 19, 2021
The greatest and most awesome Mortal Kombatant of all time. The true champion of the Elder gods.
"I'm about to go Scorpion on you!"
by CzarPharohShahanShahGodEmperor October 25, 2017