When Heath Petersen licks one or multiple fingers and then rubs the clitoris in a clockwise motion 360 degrees in order to obtain organisms prior to sexual relations.
She couldn't get off so I gave her the roundabout.
by HPuptopdowntown October 13, 2013
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place where three or more roads join and traffic must go around a circular area in the middle, rather than straight across
by DSOR MABO May 27, 2019
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When a person puts ones fingers on ones clitoris and moves in a circular motion. This action can be done to oneself or by others.
Jimmy: Hey did you hook up with that girl last night?

Johnny: Yeah, I was roundabouting her so good.

Jimmy: Yeah bro I heard you are a pro roundabouter.
by ProRoundabouter June 25, 2021
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A form of sexual activity, more specificly handjob, where the female places the males penis in the palm of her left hand. The female then proceeds to violently bash the top of the penis with her right elbow, until the male orgasms.
"Dude I'm still sore from where Katie gave me a roundabout last night"

by Heathenguard July 11, 2009
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A Roundabout is a sexual act which involves at least 4 men, whereby each person is and has a hole filled, thus creating the Roundabout effect.
Mike: Hey Jimmy what did you do last night?

Jimmy: Eh, nothin much Bryson and some of his friends came over last night.

Mike: Oh, is that the dude with Münchhausen's?, anyway so what happened last night?

Jimmy: We done this thing called a Roundabout, it was awesome.

Mike: Dude, thats sick.
by Leco January 30, 2009
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A person (most likely a woman) who has had sexual encounters with a group of mutual friends.
Doug: Yea bro, hooked up with katie last night.
Roy: Eww bro, katie? Shes a roundabout....she was just with joe and steve last week.
by fcarr10 January 17, 2017
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