The art of the puppy dog is complimented by the wet nose effect, and must be taken seriously!!!To really succeed in this maneuver you must first become familiar with the term "CLIT COMMANDER". After eating a girl out for a while and shes getting used to the tongue, you proceed to wet your nose with your finger tip and dive in "nose first" stimulating the clitoris by repeatedly shaking your head in disaprovment or the NO movement.
She fuckin loved the puppy dog I gave her! she had no idea!
by Dirty Double D January 15, 2007
A guy who will do anything for you no matter how embarrasing

A guy who will do anything for you over just the THOUGHT of pussy.

Guy with NO backbone.

Guy who will let you get away with ANYTHING and let you walk all over them.
Man, I hate puppy dogs... I want a real man!
by * * Dawn * * August 10, 2007
The act of putting your penis in someone's back pocket and letting them walk you around.
When my girl and I are alone at home I get naked and we start puppy dogging around the house while she cleans.
by EvilDrSuess October 9, 2018
1. When someone is following you around and giving you extra attention that is not necessarily wanted.
2. When someone is giving you attention you don't want but they're too pitiful to blatantly reject so you allow them to be around you.
man that kid was puppy dogging me around everywhere today, it was cute and all but shit.
by TripleOG100 December 5, 2014
the look you give when you want something really bad; or when your trying to look innocent but your really devious.
"dude, she gave me the puppy dog look and i couldnt say no. she looked so innocent but i know deep down she's not..."
by karliholmes?! August 5, 2008
(verb) When you cum on your girls face while she is asleep. When she wakes up in the morning, she can't open her eyes, just like a cute little newborn puppy dog.
She was real cute last night, but after I puppy dogged her early this morning and she couldn't find her bra, she got even cuter.
by wanky smithwick February 24, 2008