(n) Open face pie, often utilizing a tomato based sauce and cheese, and baked. Many variations apply.

(n) The fifth food group
"Someone dial up Domino's"
"That shit ain't real pizza..."
by Bystrick March 23, 2003
Pizza is the best food ever. Dont judge the pizza. To those who hate pizza, pizza is yummy. I love pizza.
pizza saved my life lol jk plus corrina loves pizza
by I enjoy Pizza June 13, 2012
Pretty much the worst excuse for pizza I have ever tasted. It has burnt crap on the bottom of the bread. The sauce tastes like blood from the co-workers who made it, and the cheese is rubber from the tires of peoples cars who live in Canyon Lake. To summarize it for you "crap on crust"
A's pizza worker: What would you like today Sir?
Me: Uhhh, Crap on Crust with extra co-worker blood, two orders of three cheese throw-up bread, and a salad with extra leaves from the back of your pizza store.
A's pizza co-worker: Ok, your order will be ready in 2 hours and 15 minutes.
by terd ferguson February 17, 2005
a. A pizza made just the way you like it.
b. One who is at rest after eating a really good pizza.
a. They make a really pizzaful pie at this place!
b. He ate six slices and now he is very pizzaful.
by torq2.0 July 19, 2017