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one of the most bubbly people you will ever meet. Her smile and voice could fill a room with happiness. She always has something to say and it's usually very funny. Her laugh fun and also very contagious. She gets very excited and energetic for the small things. She loves to socialize. She could make anyone (he/she) basically fall head over heels if she tried.
1.A very energetic person
2. very interesting
3. bubbly personality
4. usually blond
5. has a heart of gold
6. best laugh ever
by DragonScales16 March 21, 2013
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An amazing friend who will be with you till the end no matter what:) If you got one, don't let it go away. Some times they're sassy and have an attitude, but that's if you get on her bad side. But even on her bad side shes a sassy sexy tiger who is awesome :D
Jon: Mr. Bon, what is a sassy sexy tiger??
Mr.Bon: Oh that is a Corrina.
by Fanfrickentastic August 09, 2011
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Sexy, hot individual, generally considered as a "hotty" and wanted by many and meen who have her consider themselves lucky
In every class theres always one or two Corrinas.
by yourworstnightmare1126 February 22, 2011
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A label for a chick who is just plain absofuckinglutely fantastic, who everyone and I mean EVERYONE including your mom wants to bang. She's just got that universal appeal.
Cameron Diaz is such a corrina
by Gabrielle October 06, 2004
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This former Glenwood Celebrity now enjoys spending her time catching oranges and writing notes in markers. Often doing homework before it's assigned, Gibson appears to have problems with the concept of elapsed time. Her low center of gravity and superior power to weight ratio allows her to accelerated rapidly with minimum net force. This has allowed her to win numerous mountain biking titles. As an aerospace engineer, she loves eating baby carrots. Her other hobbies include, grinding at parties riding her bike and climbing fake rocks. She has trouble keeping track of grapefruits.

Corrina - If you took phil's good side, you probably still wouldn't have Corrina.
by John Mcbike January 29, 2009
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a morbidly obese, self concious female who is attracted to lanky penis's and nobbly knees. some of these species smell of b.o quite strongly but others may resort to occasional mild sprays of deodrant. She often has at least 3 inch long armpit hairs but often chooses to cover them with baggy clothes. she rarely gets turned on and is as frigid as a brick and looks like one too. if you find one, they like to be hugged but you might need some febreeze
"my grlfs a corrina"
"poor you"
by MattysHereForYouBbe January 06, 2008
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A big hairy psycho bitch. If you dump her she will kill everything. She thinks she is sexy but is just hairy. She rfucks a strange character called Gavin.
You: Hey Corrina, Its not working out
Corrina: What?! (Kills Cat)

You: I mean I love you.

Corrina: Good! Eats remains
by axel smevs July 11, 2011
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