President Dwight D. Eisenhower coined this term in his farewell address to refer to "a conjunction of an immense military establishment and large arms industry".

Here's how it works: our taxes support a massive military budget which is doled out to large defense contractors. These corporations use this money to buy politicians and impel the United States to enter unending wars in order to assure that their contracts never end and grow increasingly bloated.
Dick Cheney was Defense Secretary, CEO of Halliburton, and then Vice President of the United States, and is a key member of the military industrial complex. It kinda explains why Halliburton is profiteering off all these wars.
by khashishi April 11, 2010
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Refers to the friendly relationship between those in charge of defending the homeland and the industries that produce the equipment and weapons needed to fight a war. Could be summarized as a 'war-for-profit' scheme.
Person 1: ...but why on earth would a nation's leaders be willing to sacrifice human life as an excuse to start a war?

Person 2: Man, haven't you heard about the military industrial complex?
by Mr.Correct1985 May 25, 2009
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A term that twinks use to display their vast knowledge of how the military works.
I for one think that anyone who joins the military is rather elementary. The military industrial complex does not care about them and will only use them as pawns. Also, we need to get Trader Joe’s to stop using the term Trader Jose’s, that is incredibly offensive.
by KeenanEatsBalls July 23, 2020
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