3 definitions by Mr.Correct1985

Verb. To get away with minor theft of a commonly valued item or resource by taking advantage of another person's ignorance.
1) I was fed up with Ryan always using my margorine, so I decided to cowboy the weed that he left busted up on the table after he passed out last night.

2) He never counts how many beers are in the fridge, you should just cowboy one.
by Mr.Correct1985 May 25, 2009
Noun. A person who says 'no' to a reasonable request without reasonable justification.
"My dad makes like $400,000 a year, and he wouldn't even co-sign for my $6,000 student line of credit! What a padlow!"
by Mr.Correct1985 May 25, 2009
Refers to the friendly relationship between those in charge of defending the homeland and the industries that produce the equipment and weapons needed to fight a war. Could be summarized as a 'war-for-profit' scheme.
Person 1: ...but why on earth would a nation's leaders be willing to sacrifice human life as an excuse to start a war?

Person 2: Man, haven't you heard about the military industrial complex?
by Mr.Correct1985 May 25, 2009