an overwhelming amount of moulat that leads to "bloodshed"
"The leak blooded all ova ma face"
by Ass Hamed July 12, 2009
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In the music industry, when a song or album is being put out before it is officially released, usually online.
Sometimes when an artist's album has been leaked, they release their album earlier than planned for fear of the bootleggers.
by Tricia February 27, 2005
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To have files or information released to the wider public without spoken or written permission. Occasionally, the term is simply used to decribe an early release, generally unplanned.
"Playboi carti got some of his songs leaked by A$AP ROCKY"
"Michael Jackson leaked Celine Dions nudes"
by The_Blurrr July 23, 2018
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Anoter word for pcp
Lets smoke some leak
by uncle fester April 27, 2003
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To deliberately post something online for the sake of publicity or attention.
Bob: Did you see the new iPhone leak?
Joe: Who cares, man? That hot chick from Econ 205 just leaked her nudes.
by PineapplePizza11 June 29, 2019
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