To 'take a piss' means 'to urinate'.
Man, let's stop at that gas station. I've really got to take a piss.
by Felix Tue Visiyu August 25, 2006
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When a person (or group of people) is pissed off and they need to “take a piss” to get it out of their system.
You were a dickhead and now your best friend Is mad at you..

“Larry, you dickhead!”

“Alright, Ron, take a piss and calm down”


In a heated situation in which everyone is angry ...

“Everyone take a piss and let’s resolve this.”
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Making fun of something or someone
Hey, Jim, you're fat.
No, I'm not!
Naw, you're not really fat; I was just taking the piss.
by mapleLeaf October 21, 2003
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To rile, mock, or be a jerk to another person whether or not the person is joking or being serious.
I know what I am so don't take the piss.
Don't worry about him hes just taking the piss.
by nyqs81 September 21, 2005
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1) to do/say something without intent

2) to do/say something for the hell of it

3) joking
Is Lola being serious or is she just taking the piss?
by Anonymous July 7, 2003
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Makes fun of
Sarah always takes the piss because she reckons I have an accent but she doesn't.
by Patrick Albert May 29, 2004
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