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This is where you take your pork sword (penis) place it along the victims nose and then, place you two chucky eggs (balls) in the victims eyes, thrust creating the gladiators helmet. Enjoy
Whilst my mate was asleep I have him a gladiator and snap chatted it to all our friends. The gladiator
by Biggayj October 18, 2014
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After an intense fucking of the ass you tell your woman to stay bent over because you are getting a drink of water (so she thinks), during your "water break" you lube up your arm and make your arm stiff like a gladiator with his sword, you then propose to run at your woman yelling SPARTACUS!!! and shove your arm in their ass.
Lloyd: Dude last night Sally thought i was getting water and i gave her THE GLADIATOR!!!
by Dingo Stogies February 25, 2010
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