me: im hungry

me, opening the fridge and seeing no cheese sticks: fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit

friend: bro whats wrong

me: no cheese sticks

friend: fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit
by Hehe I cheated February 19, 2021
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Used to refer to something thats messed up and you aren't really trying to be apart of it
1. Man look here, I am not with all that fuck shit.

2. George Bush be on a lot of fuck shit man.
by Falaho January 26, 2008
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Combining two versatile words such as Fuck and Shit yeilds an extreamly versatile combination. Fucking Shit can be used to exclaim dismay or excitement, just about as versatily as either of its component words.
p1: Dude, I just got into a fender bender
p2: Fucking shit man, how bad is it?

p1: I just got 500 bux in the mail for no reason!
p2: Fucking shit!! You bastard!

p1: Fucking shit that test was hard...
p2: Hell yeah!
by Hyper-Z January 10, 2005
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Something to say when "shit" can't cut it when you're very angry and agitated to the point of busting that piece of fucking shit.

"Motherfucking piece of shit" is a more powerful phrase to say when you are EXTREMELY pissed off.
God DAMN this Fucking Shit!
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Indefinite noun regarding an amount of things; stuff
For example, I'm doing Neural Fuck Shit that's dope
by Professor_Holmes July 12, 2021
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