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When a girl decides that you're her friend, you're no longer a dating option. You become this complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like her brother, or a lamp.
Friend1: Are you still with that girl?
You: We're just friends.
Friend2: A moment of silence for our brother in the friend zone.
by rodjak October 11, 2012
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(Noun) This is a metaphorical hell for men. It is typically initiated by a guy asking out a girl and her saying "Oh, I only see you as a friend.".
One common example of this is girls will reject a nice guy, and date douche-bags, all while complaining to the nice guy and saying things like "Why can't all guys be like you?".
Again, this is only a stereotype.

It is possible to escape the friendzone, but it is not easy. It is a long and difficult road.
Poor George, he was put in the friendzone by that girl he really liked.
by 88888888888888888 October 10, 2013
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What is quite possibly one of the worst places a guy could ever be in if you like someone. It doesn't matter the situation, once you're in, you feel like you're in a cage.

It consists of a multitude of possible emotions that you will succumb to. Mostly jealousy, defeat, hopelessness and a strange sense of knowing that your aspirations are an impossibility. You'll constantly know that the person you like will not like you in the same way. But for some reason, you're still friends with her. You feel like you can get her back, but it's not gonna happen.

And it's worse when they tell you about their significant other/crush/boyfriend. You might see them walk further away from you every day. You become a cushion, having to watch them with the person they THINK is perfect for them. But deep down, you know it's not true. But they think they are, and you have to acknowledge it as a reality.

It's hell on earth, guys.
I'm in the friend zone. An ever-so confining area of regret, jealousy and defeat. I won't be able to get her.
by Heartbroken Films August 06, 2011
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This is the worst position someone can be in, if they have feelings for someone. When a person develops romantic feelings for someone, but the other person only sees the relationship as just being friends. Because the two are around each other a lot, the one in love will harbor his/her feelings for the others. Only to become completely comsumed by this person. This leads to the one in love to complain to all his/her friends about the situation, and to become "pussy whipped" by they other.
Tom meets Amy, and falls in love. But Amy does not hold the same feelings. Therefore the two become friends, and thats it. Now Tom, being around Amy and just friends, harbors his romantic feelings for her. He then will become "pussy whipped" by her, and complain to all his friends about his feelings for her. At this point Tom should realize he is in the Friend Zone and move on.
by Tim Camper, Jr. November 16, 2006
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There are degrees to the friend zone:

1 - You are in the friend zone but there is room to get out and get laid casually. She doesn't' talk about other guys in front of you and there is sexual tension at times. Its the only friend zone level to be at because it can actually flip into the awesome friends with benefits zone.

2. Further into the friend zone trap. You probably know a bit of personal information about her. She still doesn't talk about guys in front of you and she has probably thought about making you a long term thing. If she is thinking about you longer term you haven't had sex with her yet.

3. Now we are entering danger territory. There is still an outside chance for sex with the girl. But it is significantly diminished or you have to spend a substantial time apart and then end up together and realize that it needs to happen. You know plenty of information about her and you party together with other friends. She will mention other guys but not in the, oh I want to fuck him kind of way even though that is what she means.

4. 2% chance of sex and you need to both be absolutely hammered and there needs to some other type of tension besides sex. That's the only way its going to work. She thinks of you when there is a crisis and tells all her friends that you are the best but can't manage to help you get laid or into a real relationship. After all, being in the friend zone for the girl has perks, like having Mr. good guy at her beckon whim. You are a proven dependable and understanding person. She talks about guys in front of you and may have recently just ended a longer term relationship which is why she "isn't ready". You know way to much about her and her "isn't ready" really means never.

5. Its over. Pack up your bags and go home. You're never having sex with this girl. She talks about other guys and sex in front of you. You are mr. perfect just not for her and you have talked about this with her before. She explains that she is into dbags who treat her like shit and that's just not who you are. But, hey, you can be her best man.
If I meet one more of her relatives before even getting my wiener touched I'm writing her off as Level 5, The Friend Zone.
by Kesky, hey-o! July 29, 2009
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