A crumbling metropolis spread over two countries, actually El Paso/Juarez, with some of the finest women and hottest food in the country. Lots of strip joints, low violent crime rate, very cheap weed, and one angry fucking cracker named Scott Durbin who's tired of motherfuckers talking shit about his home. Lick my asscrack, which is probably all full of sand and cactus cause I'm in El Paso. Die.
If you don't wanna be here, please fucking leave, we don't want you, and we're tired of hearing your bitching.
by scott durbin January 20, 2004
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home to many mexican immigrants from juarez,mexico. it's fucking hot here 24/7 and well.....it's kind of boring.
all the teenagers from el paso go to juarez on the weekend to get drunk
by gurludunwannakno June 21, 2005
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What is El Paso is an absurd question.

"Who is El Paso?" is the real question.

We, the people of El Paso. El Paso is what we make it. Don't give people a reason to trash talk our city by being only the best you can be. Ask not what El Paso can do for you, but what you can do for El Paso. Stop being selfish and greedy and think about what legacy you shall leave for your grand city. You can be a traitor or a patriot. The choice is simple if you ask me.

Take pride in where you were born even if it's not perfect. Have enough pride to correct its flaws. Stop littering, stop throwing gum on the sidewalk, let people over on the freeway, stop smoking, and stop getting drunk every weekend and do something to make our city whole again.

It doesn't matter if El Paso's problems are "not your fault". It is your responsibility as a human being to leave the world a better place than you found it. Otherwise, you're nothing but a parasite. You people make me sick. What will you tell your children? That you run from the world's problems rather than confront them? You are not a patriot...you're a coward.
El Paso is what we decide it will be.
by Paco Belmondo April 22, 2005
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El Paso, better referred to as "Que Paso" (meaning "what happened") located in the Westernmost part of Texas, is a city composed of toxic, uncultured snobs that have no sense of identity owing to the fact that this is a border-town, and most of the people born in this city were given birth by parents who come from Chihuahua (by far the most violent Mexican state according to statistics, and extremely retrograde in culture, where women are super slutty and men listen to narco-corridos and everyone gets wasted). There's also the Anglosaxons that are here because they are too poor to live anywhere else.

According to statistics, people in this town are also more alcoholic even at a young age, and vaping is extremely prevalent in the youth, and everyone behaves like it's normal because it's ingrained in the culture. The party scene sucks too - it's just some crappy Mexican tunes along with doing "perreo" with some Chihuahuan midget chicks and out-of-shape Chihuahuan dudes saying a prolonged wey every two seconds.

Shout-out to real Mexicans, like those in Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato etc; there are far fewer nacos in those cities unlike Chihuahua and El Paso!

Moral of the story: Unless you come from a deeply dysfunctional family, you'll be hard pressed to have a good time... but on the bright side, at least there's Neon Desert Music Festival, so cheer up!
Me: Man, I am so glad I lived in El Paso for a couple of years and left to San Antonio!
Dude: Shit man, Que Paso?
Me: El Paso Paso.
by EntrepetunousYes May 5, 2020
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Yeah, the Juarenos & constant reminder of Mexico is a bit overwhelming at times. Plus the 100+ temperatures in the summer time is unlike no other but overall that's what makes El Paso, El Paso.
El Paso was established around 1680, thats right ladies, it's one of oldest cities in Texas. Older than San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, & Houston. It is THE Safest City in the country & Ft. Bliss is one of the largest Army complex in the nation. The 1st thanksgiving in America actually happened in San Elizario & has been the central place of Pancho Villa & Billy the Kid.
Also, education wise the United States House Committee on Intelligence is chaired by Silvestre Reyes, the House representative of El Paso. The newly elected Governor of New Mexico Susana Martinez was born & raised in El Paso. UTEP has alumni in the NBA, PGA, PBA, WWF, on SNL, ABC, an Academy Award winner & Olympic Gold Medalist.
As far as all the other people what keep talking about music Vanity Fair had a special on how the Yeah, Yeah, Yeah's, Sleepercar and tons of other recording artists just love El Paso.
FOOD! Yes, El Paso isn't the healthiest cities in America but if you want some tamales, enchiladas or any Mexican food, El Paso blows everyone else out of the water but not only that, we got Smash Burger, Five Guys, Whataburger, Charbroiler, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chico's & a restaurant-to-house ratio of 1:1. Yes, as El Pasoans we love our food.
Lastly to all the people who decided to bash El Paso over the head, yes, I'm a native El Pasoan & I'm proud to say it. I've lived in Washington D.C., I've traveled to Madrid, Paris, London, NY & LA & somehow El Paso is still home. It's the culture & the people, yeah we don't have Palm Tree lined streets & a monument that anybody in the world can recognize but you know what I like it that way. Thats why we're in the Top 25 Drunkest cities in America, but thats besides the fact.

So, if you have a problem with El Paso, just leave because your honestly ruining it for all of us. Go to your humid & dirty San Antonio & just decompose there.
by ElPasoan915 January 6, 2011
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HadesBaton Rouge
A city located in west Texas, southern New Mexico, northern Mexico, and the ninth circle of Hell. It's primary import is souls which it sucks out of its inhabitants like a 100 square-mile hoover in black hole mode. The only thing El Paso has on ground-zero Hiroshima is that some of the people speak english but why you would want to try to speak to any of the ugly, half-wit, embarrassments to evolution I cannot even begin to fathom. The city is best seen from I-10 at high speed in your rearview mirror.
I was raised in El Paso and all I got was this lousy emotional scar tissue.
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Multiple definitions

1. Girls here are so retarded they like some rainbow haired child rapist
2. Everyone wants to be black and are ashamed to be Mexican

3. All the dudes here swear they are straight but they dress like they want a carrot in their ass and mouth
4. Hut hair you know the one where they cut their bangs short so they look like the midget from the Lorax movie
I went to El Paso and man if any place needs to be bombed it’s the northeast part dear god
by RadicalRacist September 16, 2018
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