Originally a liquid headache medicine, until it was realized that it tastes oh-so sweet. (Though it does cure headaches still) Now sold internationally, and has become a sponsor of most movie theatres, which sucks, because before you can watch your movie, you have to watch 20 minutes of Coca-Cola ads. I love coke, but show me my damn movie.
"Oy! I got a headache!"
"Here, have a coke! It's refreshing!"
by Mike June 2, 2004
Currently the top-selling corporation in the world. People, they sell carbonated sugar water.
Dammit, I wish I had thought of Coca-Cola.
by mad masterman December 5, 2010
Coca-Cola is probably the best known cola beverage in the World. It was created in 1886 by an Atlanta pharmacist, John S. Pemberton (1831-88), at his Pemberton Chemical Company, originally based on cocaine from the coca leaf and caffeine-rich extracts of the cola nut.

Today, the coca and cola extracts have been removed, and artificial flavorings are used instead. Other ingredients are sugar (corn syrup are used in some parts of the world), caramel coloring, water and phosphoric or citric acid.

The Coca-Cola is used as a mixer in the bar, and several famous recipes use it as a main ingredient. Without it, drinks like the Long Island Iced Tea and Rum and Coke would not exist.
Too bad it dissolves nails
by KingTT January 7, 2004
Best dang thing in the world. pepsi's opposite.lets all hail coke.Antonym:Pepsi(taste like crap)
I want a transfer to a different school because they only have Pepsi not Coca-Cola.
by Cokefan October 18, 2003
1.the Cafinated Beverage that has a slightly larger Caffeine content than Pepsi and a Slightly lower Sugar content than Pepsi
2. the reason why Polar Bears are seen as 'cute'
1. no really coke has more Caffeine
2. oh look at those cute lil Bears drink from those little bottles, OH SO CUTE!!eleven
by Scary Terry April 9, 2005