Sex position.
When you & a friend have a partner each and decide to do doggy facing each other.
Somewhat like an eiffel tower...
Cece & Leah took 2 lads home last night & did the brooklyn bridge!
by WeeFuckers April 2, 2021
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A sexual position where a female is bent over and one male gets behind her doggy style while another male gets in front so the female can perform fellatio. Then the two males do a double high five connecting and finishing the bridge.
Cris and and I slapped hands so hard doing a brooklyn bridge last night that my palms are still sore.
by vlad.impaler May 3, 2007
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The battle cry for a new addictive game this summer in New York City, usually (not not exclusively) played by at least two friends, in which one person (the "car" or "pedestrian" in this case, who is either walking towards or walking behind the person to be the target of the game or the "bridge") yells "Brooklyn Bridge!" and proceeds to run, crawl, and/or dive towards the target friend, who has no choice but to open his/her legs and allow the "car" or "pedestrian" to pass through. Injuries may be sustained. The game involves a seemingly complex point system to keep track of winners and losers. Roller skates optional.
Friend 1: "Brooklyn Bridge!" (starts running towards Friend 2)
Friend 2: "Holy Shit!" (spreads legs and grabs package)


Person 1: "Man, why are you walking funny?"
Person 2: "Yo man, Shawty Brooklyn Bridged me. She ain't so short..."
by John Augustus Roebling June 6, 2007
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reverse british dip (see also british dip) to lay ones cock on bridge of nose and balls in or on mouth. (victim preferable unconcious or sleeping)
some stupid bitch passed out on my floor so miley decided to constuct a brooklyn bridge
by danny paden July 11, 2004
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Two guys and one girl. The guys hold the girl in the air on her back, so her navel is facing up. She then arches her back and sucks one guy while the other puts it in her vagina.
Hey, lets try the a brooklyn bridge tonight.
by eddiez February 7, 2007
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This involves 3 men and 2 women. 2 of the men are doing their respective women "doggy style". The women facing each other. While the third male is standing between the 2 women getting dome. As he is getting dome, he high fives the other two men, to his left and right.

Greg, Herman, and Kyle took Christina and Krystal sightseeing at the Brooklyn Bridge with their cocks out...end of story.

tru playa fo real
by Domestar August 27, 2007
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When you lay a turd so massive, it lies parallel to the floor, with each end on opposite sides of the hole, so it won't go down. Also, it's thick enough that it can't be broken by a single flush
Bro 1:Bro, why did you flush so many times?
Bro 2:Bro, there was a Brooklyn Bridge in there, and I had to demolish it, yo
by TheJeffFan June 27, 2015
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