when a chick is speard-eagle wid a non-existant bush.
1..(shaved bush = BALD) + (speard eagle) - spread..
2..an speadeagle that has been balled
1.. she had a nice bald eagle when i was there last

2..you i just balled that eagle
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Not only our Nation's bird, but also the nickname for a woman's well-groomed undercarriage. God Bless them all.
Was that chick you went down on hairy?

"No man, she had a bald eagle!"

Right on!
by Uncle ZShar January 24, 2011
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Unit of measure equal to 7 feet. This is the average wingspan of an adult bald eagle. It is a freedom unit.
That basketball player is 1 bald eagle tall.

My car is two bald eagles long.
by xtremerange2 November 30, 2022
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Someone who desires to remove their pubic hair either for self gratification or simply insanity.
Damn, That Garrett is a bald eagle!
by captain chump June 27, 2004
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The national bird of the USA. Nothing else.
"Joker, a bald eagle isn't a women with no hair on her crotch. UrbanDictionary is just filled with perverts, and they flooded this term with sexual definitions."
by MyPseudonymThatsNotMyName September 9, 2022
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The act of shaving your pubes then jumping at a womans face in an attempt to land your penis in her mouth.
Dude#1: Hey, last night I bald eagled my girlfriend.
Dude#2: You shouldve put that on youtube!!!

Boyfriend: Bald eagle motha fucka!!!! *jumps in the air.
Girlfriend: What? *turns around and ends up with a penis in her mouth.
by Tocen November 8, 2009
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A term derived from the Goodyear Eagle brand of that refers to bald and unsafe tires on a vehicle that can potentially cause hydroplaning, terminal understeer and blowouts.
Tax refund time, better get those bald eagles replaced on my car.

Hell yea she had a blowout!!! Ridin on bald eagles because she spent all her money on that damn iPhone.
by Pierre II September 5, 2013
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